About Us

Meru Oaks is a visionary network  established to bridge the gap between concept and reality by applying innovative solutions to solve key problems.

Meru oaks

The Big Picture

The concept of sustainable development addresses the socio-economic development of every human being. Successful long-term sustainability considers the role of all forms of capital—natural, biological, social, technological, financial, cultural—and the complex ways in which they interact. All forms of capital derive their value, utility and application from human mental awareness, creativity and social innovation. This makes human capital, including social capital, the central determinant of resource productivity and long-term sustainability. 

These pillars of sustainable development serve as the  guiding, grounding and unifying framework for Meru Oaks’ sustainability movement.

Our Mission

To contribute to sustainable growth and development and human evolution and advancement by leveraging science and technology, innovation and industry.



Catalyst is a network of technology and expertise designed to transfer technology and transform high potential concepts into new products and services to generate sustainable economic growth. 



Meru Oaks Institute builds networks and communities to nurture and harness human potential and capital, and mobilize expertise to bridge the gap between concept and realtity. 



The Meru Oaks Foundation is an initiative that combines humanity and social scientific aspects to actively promote the welfare of all lives and the environment for the greater good.