Kenya Kikapu Basket Collection

For centuries, different types of woven baskets indigenous to Kenya have been used by practically all the communities and tribes. Kenyan Kikapu baskets are made out of vegetable fibres, hand-twisted strings made of vegetable fibres, pliable plants, creepers and reeds, and palm or coconut fronds. The general Swahili name for these baskets in Kenya is Kikapu (Plural Vikapu)

Simple, entirely natural, biodegradable and hand-woven from palm fronds, Kenyan Kikapu baskets are very durable. A Kikapu basket is stackable, crushable and light. The size, shape and color of the Kikapu basket will vary from basket to basket due to the heterogenous nature of natural grass and leaves used for the construction of the baskets.

Each one of our Kikapu baskets are handwoven using traditional techniques by weavers who are the main breadwinners in the community and the income made goes back into the community. These sustainable practices also decrease the need for harmful practices in the area such as poaching and charcoal burning.

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