Handmade Kenya Maasai Sandals

Meru Oaks Maasai Sandals are authentic Kenyan Maasai Sandals made in Kenya by local freelance artisans and craftsmen. These artists benefit from working with Meru by getting regular orders that allow them to make a more sustainable income where they are paid a fair price for the product. The intricate patterns of Meru Oaks Maasai inspired sandals are meticulously handmade from locally sourced genuine leather, and glass beads.
Our goal is to empower local artisans and craftsmen by creating much needed job opportunities and giving the individuals hope through the dignity of work and a fair wage. This empowerment gives them the freedom of being self-sufficient and building a better future for themselves and their families.
Do you have a design that you love but can’t find in our shop? You can also submit your design and we’ll custom make them for you!
Let your feet walk through history with our Maasai Sandals!

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